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firstbaby in aussie_mums

welcome to aussie mums!

a little about myself to start this community...

i live in SA. i'm currently pregnant with my first baby - 33 weeks and 5 days. my pregnancy has been wonderful - i've really enjoyed it. of course it's come with all the aches and pains, but there's been so many moments of joy too and i'm overwhelmed by how amazing our bodies are. i love feeling baby's movements and knowing there is another life growing inside me! i'm planning on an all natural water birth. i'm booked into flinders public hospital Birthing Centre. it's getting closer now - only 6 weeks to go! i plan to breastfeed, use cloth nappies, and delay vaccinations for 12 months. so if you're reading this and want to discuss any of those topics, i'm here.

otherwise, join the community, introduce yourself and start your own discussion!



Hello, I hope you don't mind me commenting you here! I just joined your community and I hope it takes off, have you advertised it anywhere on LJ? I'm also in SA (Northern Suburbs), my little one was born March 19. He's 9 weeks now! Anyway, good luck and I hope this community comes to life, it'll be nice to post to aussie mums and have people call nappies nappies rather than diapers!
i haven't advertised it, no. i just assumed it would show up in the "interests" search. is that how you found it?

thanks for joining :) i agree, it will be nice to talk to other mums who call nappies nappies, not diapers! haha :D and who spell mum M-U-M, not M-O-M. haha!

congratulations on your newborn - would you like to share your birth story? perhaps you could add it as a new thread on the community page. i LOVE reading birth stories ;)
aha! i just found a link to your birth story on your page... will read it now...
Hi! Looking to make friends in the online community. Especially other mummies

October 2008

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